Pumas and Chivas face off in a crucial Liga MX match at Estadio Olímpico Universitario on Sunday.

Both teams enter the Apertura quarterfinals after finishing in the top six of the regular season.

Pumas secured the fourth spot with 28 points, while Chivas claimed fifth place with one point less.

César Huerta, Pumas' top scorer in the regular season, aims to maintain his form in the final phase.

Huerta led Pumas with eight goals during the Apertura regular campaign.

Chivas' Roberto Alvarado, the regular season's top scorer with six goals, will play a crucial role in the final phase.

Pumas, with home advantage, enter the game as favorites.

The match promises an exciting clash between Pumas and Chivas in the quarterfinals.

Pumas, absent from the previous tournament, look to make an impact in the final phase.

All eyes are on Estadio Olímpico Universitario as Pumas and Chivas compete in the Apertura quarterfinal showdown.