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What is Article Submission?

If you want to advertise or promote your business, then article submission is one of the best ways. It helps in increasing the search engine ranking while increasing the traffic to the website. Whenever a new blogger creates his website, after a few days only one question arises in his mind that how to bring traffic to the website. In this article submission, you have to submit your article on the sites related to your website or business. This is the best way to build backlinks.

Importance of Article Submission Sites

If you are a blogger then you will know the most important content. So you have to keep in mind that your article should be unique and well defined. With the help of which you will get traffic and new people on your sites because you will know that article submission sites completely depend on the content. That’s why Google also focuses on the content, that’s why if you also want to rank your blog or website.
Article Submission site is a great off-page seo factor, which brings good traffic to your website. This happens when you submit or submit your article on a good site. The more articles you submit, your site will gradually come on top of “SERPs”. In this you get good quality backlinks. Article submission means website where you can publish content related to your article or business. It helps to rank your website on search engines and increase website traffic.

Importance Of Article Submission in SEO

Benefits of Doing Article Submission

It is an easy and efficient way to build backlinks.
It helps in building backlinks from popular websites.
This increases the popularity of your product or brand on the world wide web.
It helps you to establish yourself as an expert in your field of work.
It helps you convey useful information to the user and customers, thereby instilling user trust.
Article submission helps you rank on Google with the help of Alexa Rank

First you have to pay good attention to these things-

Every article of yours should be unique and attractive.
Your article should be at least 1000 or 1500 characters.
Your title should also be unique.
Each of your articles should have the main keyword & focuse keyword because the web crawler can easily identify it.
It is very important to have handing in your article.
Make your article more presentable.
Always choose Do-follow Sites to post articles.
Check that website DA, PA, Alexa rank and spam score.

Free Article Submission Sites List


Article submission is actually the art of promoting visitors to the website, you can write different articles and put the link of your website in the article. I hope you all enjoy this blog. You can share this “Free Article Submission Website” post with your friends.