What is Directory Submission? How to do Directory Submission?

This is a very simple and free way to improve the search ranking of the site to create backlinks on the blog, with the help of directory submission you can get your website indexed in all search engines, let’s know what is directory submission and why it is important for SEO. After creating a website, the first thing that comes to our mind is to increase the traffic on the website and for this we follow every method which helps in boosting website traffic.

Directory submission is a part of Off-Page SEO, today we will give complete information about this topic. By doing directory submission, the position of your website comes up in google and gradually the ranking of your website starts increasing. If you also do directory submission for your new website, then google gives great importance to your site. That’s why you should do directory submission. But keep in mind that the DA and PA of those directory websites should be sufficient.

Types of Directory Submission

The directory of the website or blog is as follows –


Advantages of submitting directory –

  • By submitting the directory of the website or blog, your website or blog will get a quality backline.
  • If the backline of your website or blog is high, then Google will first give priority to rank your website or blog on the Internet.
  • If the directory submission of your website or blog has been done in many directories, then the page rank of your website or blog will be higher in the eyes of Google.
  • If the page rank of your website or blog has become very high in the eyes of Google, then understand that your website is displaying one of its quality on Google.
  • If your website or blog is displaying its quality on Google, then understand that the amount of visitors to your website or blog is getting very high and your website is getting popular on the internet.
Web Directory Submission

What are the things required for Web Directory Submission?

You got to know about its benefits. If this question is coming in your mind that what are the things you need in directory submission, then know that. Gather all these things before submitting your site to the directory submission site.

  • Blog Title
  • Blog URL or link
  • A great description of your blog
  • Site Author Name
  • Email Address
  • Site RSS Feed

You save all these things in one place in notepad. After that submit your site to all the directory submission sites one by one.

High DA and PR Directory Submission Free Site List

First submit your blog or website on the Top 25 High DA Directory Submission Sites given below, submit it to the sites given below.

1. Entireweb Directory

2. Viesearch

3. SoMuch.com

4. Jayde.com

5. LinkCentre.com

6. IntelSeek.com

7. A1WebDirectory.org

8. InfoTiger.com

9. Cipinet.com

10. SitesWebDirectory.com

11. 1WebsDirectory.com

12. OneMillionDirectory.com

13. Nonar Directory

14. MasterMoz.com

15. AceWebDirectory.com

16. DonDir.com

17. LinkRoo.com

18. PromoteBusinessDirectory.com

19. 9Sites.net

20. Bhanvad.com

21. eTaaps.org

22. WorldWeb-Directory.com

23. DirectoryCritic.com

24. directory-free.com

25. dmoz.org

Friends, today we learned about directory submission. What is directory submission? How can you do directory submission. And advantages of directory submission.
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