What is Guest Post in SEO & How to Write Guest Post?

If you submit a post on someone else’s blog. And the owner of that blog should publish that post on his/her blog. So your post will be called Guest Post for that blog. This is actually an SEO technique , which is used for link building or traffic. That is, you get high quality DoFollow backlink through guest Ppost. Which helps in bringing traffic to your blog and improving rank. In Today’s Article We Will Tell You What Is Guest Post And What Are The Benefits Of Guest Posting In Blogging.

What is Guest Post?

Guest Post is such a blog post, in which a blogger prepares a post and gets it published in another blogger’s high authority blog. The guest posting blogger also mentions his name and the URL of the blog in the post. If you are a blogger and want to create high quality backlink for your blog then guest post is the best way.

Benefits of Guest Posting

You must be thinking that what benefits will we get from guest posting, then know that there are many benefits of guest posting. If you are writing guest post on someone else’s high quality blog then it is very good for SEO. By doing Guest Post, both the article writer and the publisher are benefited. Writer is benefited that his blog gets traffic from there. And the advantage of the publisher is that he gets a free content to post on his blog. Guest posting benefits both.

How to Do Guest Post?

Here are some rules for guest posting on the blog. In some guest posting sites, you get the option to edit direct text with certain conditions. Where you can add your own post. But the post is published only after the approval of the admin.

And in the second situation, many bloggers do not give you the option to edit direct text. In such a situation, first you have to write your entire post in the word document on your computer. And then send these posts to the owner of that blog on email. After which the admin publishes your post after reviewing your post.

Guest Blogging

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Guest Posting

  1. Do Guest Posting Only on the Blog Related to Your Blog.
  2. Never do Guest Post on Low Quality Blog.
  3. Try Always Guest Post Backlink Should be Do-follow.
  4. Add Introduction Section in Guest Post.
  5. After Guest Post, Monitor the Traffic of Your Blog.
  6. Article Content Should be Fresh, Unique and Original.
  7. Add High Qality Image atleast 1 Photo.

Why Guest Post is Important?

There are following reasons why you should do guest posting:

  • You will get High Quality Backlinks from the Guest Post.
  • Your writing skill improves.
  • Guest posting on your website leads to Traffic Increase.
  • You build good relationships with other bloggers.
  • External Links are generated for your website.
  • Guest posting on popular sites also leads to branding of your blog.
  • Guest Post gives Free Traffic for Life Time on your Blog.

Conclusion : As you learned in this post what is Guest Post, what are its benefits and how can you submit guest post. If you want to guest post on our site, you can contact us. If you want to ask some questions related to guest posting or you have any doubt related to blogging, then you can tell us through comment. Do share this post with your friends too.

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