What is HTML? How to Use HTML? Types of HTML Tags

How to Make Web Page by using HTML?

Today we will learn about HTML.

  • What is the full form of HTML?
  • What is HTML?
  • What are Tags in HTML? Example of tags
  • What are Elements and Attributes in HTML?
  • Which software can create web pages in HTML?
  • How to make web pages in HTML?
What is HTML? How to Use HTML? Types of HTML Tags

What is HTML Full Form?

HyperText Markup Language

What is HTML?

By its full form you must have understood that HTML is a language which is used to create web pages.

What is HTML Tags?

HTML uses “ tags “to create web pages. With the help of these tags, any person can create web pages. Tags can be called instructions or codes. Web Browser shows web pages in the screen through these codes. 
Example of Tags :-

<i > italic </i >
opening tag content closing tag

Result : Italic  

< html >………… </html> 

[<html> at the beginning of every web page and </html> at the end. The work of other tags is done in between these two tags. ,
<head>………..</head> [ In this the heading of the web page is given. It is also called page header. ]

<title >…….. ..</title >[ It is used to give the title of web pages. It is used inside <head> ….. </head> . ,
<body>………..</body>  [Within this tag all the documents are prepared, or say, all the work is done. ,
<p>………</p>[Used to create a new paragraph. ,
<b>…………</b>[ is used to make the text bold. ,
<u>………..</u>[ is used to give underline. ,
<hr>…….</hr>[Use for giving a straight line]
[ linebreak is used to increase the distance of a line. ,
<centre>………..</centre>[Used to bring the text to the center]
<table>…………</table>[ Used to create a table in a webpage. In which row is made by <td >… </td> and column by <tr >…. </tr>. ,
<style>………..</style>[ Used for making links or style sheets. ,
<img scr = “…………” >
[used to add image. ,
Each tag has its own function, these tags are used in creating web pages.

What is Attributes and Elements in HTML?

Attributes:-These are useful only in the above tags. It is used when the size, shape, color, etc. have to be changed or added in the style of the tags. 
Attributes are given in the opening tag itself. 
like ;- <hr width = “500 ” >Here the width is being asked to be 500 px. 
<hr color = “red ” >Here red color is being asked to be added, and similar attributes are used. 

Elements :-
When Opening Tag, Content and Closing Tag are all three together, they are called Elements. Attributes come inside the element itself.  
like :-
<i > italic </i >
opening tag content closing tag,                 Element 
Result : Italic 
Example with attributes :-
<i color = ” red “> italic </i >Result : Italic 

How to Create Web Page Using HTML?

You can use Notepad to create web pages using HTML . Or you can use any other text editor. Nowadays people use GUI to create web pages through HTML. Search online for HTML tools. Here it is explained by example how web pages are created using HTML.

Step 1: – Go to Notepad and type the codes given below. 
<html ><head><title> My first html web page </title></head><body>my world</body></html>
Step 2: – save it.while saving, save with “.html” at the end.
Example- myfirstpage.html

Step 3: – Now open this web page on your web browser. 

Similarly, you can create your web pages with the help of html, in which you can also add things like images, audio, video, tables, background etc. 

This post is for the basic knowledge of html. If you  want to learn HTML, then there are many ways to learn it, those ways are :-

1. Online 

2. Through Books 

3. Institute 

4. College. 

I hope you will like this information. Don’t forget to share it your friends. If you have any question or suggestion, then do let us know by commenting. 

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