Why is My Printer Not Printing?

What should I do if I have a technical problem with my printer? Don’t worry, perform the following steps to fix the problem.

Printer Won’t Printing Properly

Check the ink level of the printer : to do this, right click on your default printer then ” printer properties “. You may also need to replace an ink cartridge.
Check in the Control Panel tab » that your printer is the default printer.
Remember to clean the print head from time to time, to do this, go to: Start menu > Printer settings > Properties > Cleaning or tools.

Why Does the Printer Not Print?

It could be that your printer is putting the documents on hold , and the document waiting to be printed remains blocked . To resolve this problem :

First check that your printer is connected or connected to your computer.
Also check in the Control Panel folder that the printer you are using is the default printer.
If you have launched several documents or a heavy document in print, you must either: Restart your printer and computer.
Either cancel the documents waiting to be printed in the Printer settings menu.

Printer Won't Printing

Why is My Printer Not Printing Correctly?

You will have to check that you have removed the yellow protective tab. Indeed, when you remove this protective tab, this will allow air to enter the cartridge and therefore the ink to descend.
However, you have to be careful about only removing the tab and not the whole label.
You should also perform printhead cleaning after installing the ink cartridges.

Why Does the Printer Not Print in Color?

If you are wondering why your printer is not printing in color, the print color problem you are facing may be related to the protective tab on the color cartridges. It will be necessary :

Check that the protective tab on the color ink cartridge has been removed.
Check that the cartridges are correctly installed and snapped into their compartments.
Check in your print settings that the “print only in black” and “draft” options are not selected.
Perform up to 3 printhead cleanings.
Then run a printhead/nozzle check test.

If the problem persists, you will need to replace the color ink cartridge .

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