Why My Printer does Not Print and Pending in Queue?

Sometimes it’s the WiFi connection, other times the current drivers are missing. But first check the basics before you embark on the individual solutions – for example, whether the cartridges are empty. The cartridges and toner are full and intact? Then the instructions below can help you.

Why isn’t My Printer Printing?

It doesn’t matter if printer does not print, a common cause is print jobs that are in the queue. If old print jobs “hang”, your printer will not print the new ones either. To fix the problem, go to the list of current print jobs. In Windows, this usually works by right-clicking on the printer icon. Then select “Open all printers” and delete the documents in the queue . On macOS, you should find the queue in System Preferences under Printers & Scanners.

Another method to get Windows running again is to restart the so-called spooler , where the collected print jobs are located:

Press the Windows key and “R” at the same time.
Type “services.msc”
Click OK.
Navigate to “Print Queue”.
Do a right click.
Select “Properties”.
End the service.
Start the service.
Select “Automatic” as the startup type.
Click OK.
Finally, restart the computer and check whether the printer automatically runs the old jobs.

A paper jam can also prevent the printer from printing. The device often displays such typical problems directly. In that case, follow the instructions on the display or in the manual. Sometimes it helps to take out the stack of paper and put it back in again.

Is the Latest Driver Installed?

Why are my documents in queue and not printing? Possibly because it also needs a new driver that guarantees PC and printer compatibility. Drivers are usually updated automatically, but errors can also occur during or after the Windows update. Then you install the current driver manually – this is how it works:

Right-click on the Windows icon.
Click on “Device Manager”.
Find your printer in the list.
Right-click the printer’s name.
Click on “Update driver”.
Follow the further instructions.

Alternatively, you can search the internet specifically for suitable drivers. Then go to the manufacturer’s official website, download the latest driver, and install it on the PC.

Why are my documents in queue and not printing

Check Connections and Selections If the Printer Does Not Print

Have you already checked the USB ports on the PC and printer? If a cable is not properly seated , the transmission cannot work.
For wireless printers, the problem can also be related to the wireless connection. To find out, connect the printer to the internet using a cable. Is everything working fine now? Then there was probably a WiFi problem – and now you know where to start.
In offices, several printers are often connected to one PC. So make sure you have selected the right printer. Yes, that sounds simple, but many people have stood in front of the wrong device, puzzled, while another quietly completes the print jobs.
Is the wireless printer connected correctly? With wireless usage, you may need to add the device to the list of available printers before you can use it. To do this, navigate to “Printers and Scanners” and add the model – on Windows this section used to be called Devices and Printers.

Print Test Page and Identify Problem

Printers are amazing when they work. But when the printer isn’t printing properly, the problem isn’t always obvious. To better diagnose it, you can print a test page – this is how it works on Windows 10:

Open Settings.
Select “Devices”.
Click on “Printers and Scanners”.
Select the affected printer.
Click on “Manage”.
Select “Print Test Page”.

If the test page looks okay, you should focus more on the software and connections. If it doesn’t print correctly, the problem is with the device. In the most annoying case, it is a defect. Then you have to decide whether you want to have the model repaired or have it repaired by one new printer replaced.

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