Why Printer Comes Out of the Blank Pages?

You have everything ready, you press the “Print” button and, surprise, all the pages are blank. It may be new, in mint condition, have all consumables filled, and be recently installed, but even so, at some point, failure will occur. There are many reasons why your printer may be printing blank, and in most cases, very simple solutions to solve the problem.


It may happen that your printer only prints white sheets: this is often linked to the ink cartridges or the print head. In this case, you will need:

Look at the interface of your printer which will indicate the level of ink of your cartridges.

Your printer’s printhead is the part where the ink cartridges are placed. It may fail over time.

If your problem does not come from the mechanical elements of reception of the paper, it can come from the system of your printer. It will therefore be necessary to reset it.

If you have installed your printer manufacturer’s software on your computer, you probably have a head cleaning utility that will allow you to do this without disassembling the printer.

Why Does My Printer Print Blank Pages?

The most common cause for which a printer may print white is a lack of ink. However, although this is the first point to consider, there are other causes to consider (failure to connect, lack of space on the hard disk, clogged injectors…). The first step is to discover the cause of the failure and to do this we need to determine the possible causes.


Main causes of Printing Blank Page

Consumables are empty.
The first thing we should check if our printer is blank is the status of the consumables. This can be done from the printer panel or from the printer software on the computer. If they are empty, you can buy the ink cartridges you need here .

Consumables are positioned incorrectly.
Check that the cartridges are correctly installed in the printer. Otherwise, they can also cause errors such as blank prints.

The cartridges carry the protective tape.
Some cartridges have a protective strip for the ink head which, of course, must be removed before inserting the consumables into the printer.

The consumable nozzle is clogged.
This could be another reason and to rule this out we need to print a print nozzle test pattern or test page to check if the nozzles might be clogged. If so, we need to clean them.

The print program is not correct.
The problem may be related to the program we used to open the document. To find out, try opening another document with the same software and click “Print”. Was the print successful? If so, the program is not the problem. If it continues to print blank, try opening the same document with another program.

The printer is not configured correctly.
Another possibility is that the printer is not configured correctly. Make sure the paper size and orientation are correct.

The drivers are incorrectly installed.
The printer driver may also be causing the blank print. We may need to update it or uninstall and reinstall it to get the latest version.

The paper used is not the correct one.
Does the paper you are using meet the printer specifications? It is important to consider this factor, because not all printers support all types of paper.

Why does my printer print blank pages?

There are several reasons why your printer may print blank pages. The ink cartridge may be empty or defective, the nozzles may be clogged, or the print settings may not be configured correctly.

How do I prevent my printer from printing blank sheets?

To prevent your printer from printing blank sheets, you should check that the nozzles are clean and that the ink cartridge is not empty or defective. You can also check the print settings to make sure the document is set up correctly.

So here are the techniques for “How to a fix printer that is printing blank pages” , if you still have any related issues , please feel free to add a comment.

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