Why Printer Won’t Copy? Printer Won’t Make Copies

If you cannot make copies of documents with your printer, this is usually due to incorrect settings or other causes that can be rectified quickly. Printer copying problems are usually the result of incorrect settings and can be quickly solved.

Printer Not Copying Properly

Therefore, make sure that you have installed the latest driver for the printer and the latest firmware. Information about this can be found on the respective homepage of the manufacturer.
In many cases, unplugging the printer from the power outlet for about a minute and then trying again can help.
Cleaning the print heads and nozzles can also help. This can be done directly on the device in the settings.
There may also be a problem with the scanner. If you can no longer scan correctly, this is the defect. In this case, you must have the device replaced or repaired.
Resetting the device is often enough to fix this error. You can find out exactly how to reset your printer in the manual.

Printer Won't Copy

Why Printer does Not Copy?

If your printer no longer makes copies, this can have various causes. Many causes are so obvious that they are often overlooked. Therefore, first check that there is enough paper in the printer’s paper tray and that there is no paper jam.
Make sure that the printer is connected to the power supply and is currently switched on.
Only a fully updated printer can guarantee that it will work properly. Therefore, it is advisable to update the printer driver.
If there is no problem in this regard, unplug the printer for about a minute and then plug it back in.
Make sure the buttons can be pressed correctly and they also pass an action to the printer.
Even with a dirty print head, many printers will fail. Therefore, to be on the safe side, carry out a print head cleaning.

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