Best Nintendo Switch Pokemon Games

Nintendo hosts different Pokemon games, so there are some for beginners and seasoned ones. All Pokémon fans will easily find their favorite characters on the Switch. For those who want to discover the universe of these powerful creatures, here are the best Pokémon Nintendo Switch games!

Best Pokémon Games For The Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

This game is a reissue of the two titles from the Rouge et Bleus series. This unique game thus benefits from Switch technology. Even if it’s a simple port, you have to admit that it was made with great care and the result is breathtaking.
Its first strong point is the visual rendering which is automatically attractive. Additionally, gameplay has been improved to make players more comfortable. With Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, the player can embody one of his favorite creatures. He will have to accomplish several missions and the victory goes to the best team.

Pokemon Quest

Pokémon Quest is a mix of action and role-playing games. It takes place on a strange island called Île Trois-Dés. It is a very popular game considering that it is from GAME FREAK, the famous creator of the main series of role-playing games.
Discover the Pokémon that live on Île Trois-Dés! They are cubic shapes, truly extraordinary and unique. The basic rules are simple: start by choosing a starter Pokémon. Then form a team of three Pokémon who will lead the quest on Île Trois-Dice! Your team of Pokémons will have to face wild Pokémons, but at the same time, they can collect treasures.

New Pokémon Snap

The objective of the missions is to search for wild Pokemon and photograph them. For this, the player will have to explore multiple regions. Whoever makes the most beautiful photograph wins. The pictures are judged by the Professor.
The advantage of New Pokémon Snap is that it’s a Zen game. No combat is required, all you need is your camera and nature. In addition, the visual rendering is both relaxing and attractive. You can discover up to 200 Pokémon in a beautiful environment. The least we can say is that New Pokémon Snap is one of a kind.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

In this game, you will have to explore Galar with its varied environments and peaceful countryside. The graphics are very successful, since you can admire green forests, snow-capped mountains, but also modern cities. In this vast region, Pokémon and humans live in harmony.
Your mission is to capture, train, and trade Pokémon in order to form a team. The end goal is to become the new Master of the Galar region, but for that you have to win the Arena champions. During your journey, you will meet several Pokémon characters. Some will be familiar to you, while others will be brand new to you.

Pokemon Games For The Nintendo Switch

Pokémon : Let’s Go, Pikachu et Évoli

Pokémon, Red, Blue and Yellow. The player begins by choosing between Pikachu or Eevee as their starter Pokemon, which follows them through the game and can be dressed up and customized.
The gameplay is similar to classic Pokémon games, with battles against other trainers and wild Pokémon, exploring the region to capture new Pokémon and train them to become stronger. A new feature of this game is the ability to see wild Pokémon in the environment before battling or capturing them.
The game also features integration with the Pokémon GO mobile app, allowing players to transfer Pokémon caught in the mobile game to the game on Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearl

In Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearl, the player takes on the role of a young Pokémon trainer who travels the Sinnoh region to collect and train creatures called Pokémon. Throughout the adventure, the player must fight other Pokémon trainers to become the best trainer in the region, defeat eight arena bosses to earn badges and face the elite of the four to become the champion of the pokemon league.
The storyline revolves around a mysterious criminal group called Team Galaxie, who seek to capture the legendary Pokémon of space and time to carry out their evil plan. The player must oppose their plans by preventing them from capturing the legendary Pokemon and defeating them in Pokemon battles.

Pokkén Tournament DX

Pokkén Tournament DX is a Switch exclusive that promises plenty of epic battles, all in 3D. The player must embody one of the 21 fighters and master overpowered abilities. The important thing is also to choose your partner well.
The player has the choice between several ways to play whether online or locally. Most players opt for the single player mode since it is very quick to complete. Fans of the competition can opt for the tournament mode. Those who love teamwork can prepare good strategies with companions.

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