How to Increase Followers On Instagram? ~ Best Tips & Tricks

How to Increase Followers on Instagram?

In today’s article, we are going to tell you 100% real tricks and tips for increase followers on Instagram . One needs to increase followers on Instagram when you start an online business or you want to increase your popularity, then Instagram can prove to be a good medium for this. But the truth is, in the initial days you will find it very difficult to increase followers.

On the Internet you will find many ways to increase followers on Instagram. But there are also some fake methods in them. So these were very easy ways to increase Followers, Likes, Views and Comments on Instagram Account, if you want to increase Likes, Followers and Views on your Instagram Account, then you can follow our given methods. I will tell you how to increase followers organically , by which you will get real followers bigger on your account.  I will give you information about some things that you have to do on your Instagram account and some things to avoid doing on Instagram account. 

Use #Hashtags to increase followers on Instagram

You must have seen on Instagram that many Models and Pages make a lot of use of #Hashtags. Because sometimes your followers start increasing with Hashtags too. These days everyone is using more and more hashtags. This makes the post spread faster on Instagram. So why don’t you also use Hashtags to increase your Instagram Followers. For this reason, whatever you post now, do not forget to give trending hashtags to it.

How to Increase Followers on Instagram?

How to Increase Followers on Instagram

1. Make Attractive Profile

First of all put a good profile photo on your account. Because most of the people follow you only after seeing your profile photo. Therefore, edit your profile photo well and put it so that people will find it attractive. A short and your username is best. If you use underscore and full stop then you will get username of your name. If still not found then you can write any good number.

2. Create Engaging Content

Engaging content means that you share content in a way that your audience likes. If you do not understand which content your audience wants to see more, then look at your old posts, out of which type of post which has more comments and likes, share more of the same type of posts.

3. Schedule Your Post

Friends, fix a time to publish your content, this will improve the engagement of your audience with you. Because whenever you make a schedule of your posts, your audience will be well engaged with your content. You can do many types of posts on Instagram like images, reels, stories etc. You keep the quality of every post good.

4. Create Post on Trending Topic

I do not need to tell you about this because everyone likes to see whatever is going on in the trend these days. So you can also take advantage of such opportunities and Always keep such things in mind and do share content on the topics currently trending. Due to which people will see more of your content and will be engaged with you along with following you.

5. Use Hashtag

Whenever you publish content on Instagram, then definitely use a hashtag that relates to your content, because by doing this there are many more ways for the user to reach your post. And if you want, you can also use Hashtag related to Trending Topic.

6. Follow Your Competitors Followers

This is a great Instagram followers trick, in this first you find your competitor, then target its followers, that means follow them. Seeing which they will get a notification, they will definitely come to your account once. In such a situation, if they like the content on your account, then they will definitely follow you. If you will increase fake followers or increase likes, then it will not benefit you in any way. You will get likes, follow and comments only from bot profiles.

7. Stay Active & Post Regularly

Grow friends Instagram account organically is a very difficult task. And if you grow the account by following the real methods, then the benefit of this is also very much. So always be active with your account and definitely answer the user’s comment and question. Posts from an active Instagram account reach more people than an inactive Instagram account.

8. Use Local Location

This is the default feature found in Instagram. Whenever you publish a new post on Instagram, always add Live Location to it. By doing this, Instagram sends a notification to the user of that location. In this way also there is a lot of chance of increasing your followers. You do not have to write your location, but you have to write the location where the photo has been taken.

9. Instagram Live

This is also a great way to go live on Instagram from time to time and stay in touch with your audience. People will be more engaged with this. And keep in mind that if a user asks you any question in the live video, then definitely answer it.

10. Create Instagram Reel Video

Friends, the ultimate way to increase our Instagram followers is Reel Video, currently it is also a very popular method. If you like making short videos, then this method can be a panacea for you. Because Instagram shows the reel video randomly to everyone. Today instagram reels get more reach than any other kind of instagram post.

11. Must Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are great when you want to maintain engagement on your account. Instagram stories are much better than normal stories because the user can interact with Instagram stories in many ways.

It takes a lot of time to grow Instagram followers in the right way and you have to always work hard on Instagram. If you work hard for a long time and follow these tips, then you will definitely get success. These are some of the best ways to increase Real Followers on Instagram, by using these methods you can increase organic Instagram followers.  If you like the information given by our today's article, then definitely share it further and tell us by commenting in the comment box below. 

FAQ Increase Instagram Followers

How to Increase Followers on Instagram for Free?
You want to increase Real followers on your Instagram for free. So there are 10 ways to do this, which you can follow.

Which is the Best App to Increase Followers on Instagram?
There are many apps to increase followers on Instagram. With the help of which you can easily increase the followers of your Insta account very soon by keeping some things in mind.

Note* Take care! If you use these third party apps to increase followers. So this can also get your Instagram account banned. You would be held responsible.

After How Many Followers, You can Paid on Instagram?
No matter how many followers you have on Instagram. Instagram company does not give you money for this. But yes! If the reach of your insta post is getting good. And you have 1k or 5k or 10k etc. followers. So you can earn money from Brand Promotion, Affiliate Marketing.

How to Increase 1k Followers on Instagram?
If you want to increase 1K real followers in right way. So follow the 10 methods mentioned above. But you want to do 1k followers as soon as possible. So you can use the followers increasing app. Take care! Increasing followers from these apps can also get your Instagram account banned.

Final Words:
In this article, we have tried to know about those methods, which can help you in increase Instagram followers. So friends, how did you like this post, do tell in the comment and if you have some suggestions or questions, then also do comment.

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