How To Post GIFs on Instagram?

Uploading a GIF is also possible on Instagram. However, a normal upload only displays a single image. So the actual animation is lost. However, there are a few methods you can use to upload a moving image to Instagram.

Post GIFs in Feed on Instagram

This is how you can publish GIFs to your own Instagram feed using Giphy’s database:

You need the Giphy app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Alternatively, you can also open the database via the browser app.
To do this, go to Giphy and choose the animation you want.
First, choose an animation that you want to show on your Instagram account.
Tap the paper airplane symbol in the larger view.
Several app suggestions appear in which the selected GIF file can be shared. Select the camera icon with the purple background.
Now you can choose whether you want the animation to be posted to your Instagram feed or as a new story.

Please note that the GIF will be converted into a video in MP4 format for publication on Instagram. With this little detour by converting the GIF into a video, you can also use the popular animations on Instagram.


Insert GIFs into Instagram Stories

GIFs can be inserted directly into a new Instagram story from your cell phone’s memory without any detours. While only GIFs from the database can be uploaded to feeds, you can also use your own GIF files in stories:

Create your own story in Instagram.
Small animations can be inserted into the story as GIFs. These can be found under the “Sticker” overview.
Any number of GIFs can be placed on one image. Instagram relies on Giphy ‘s extensive archive.

To use your own GIF for Instagram, simply open the photo gallery on your smartphone and then select the share option. Here you will find the “Stories” button. The “Feed” option is also displayed next to it, but here the animation can only be posted as a normal still image.

Insert GIF in Comments on Instagram

Only since an update in mid-2023 has it been possible to insert GIF animations into comment sections under Instagram posts. The animated mini-clips can be easily selected using the text field and posted as a comment. Next to the text input field you will find the “GIF” button, which you can use to search for a suitable video. The option is also available in Reels.

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