How to Unlock the Elden Ring DLC?

Finding the starting point for Elden Ring DLC

In Elden Ring, as in previous FromSoftware games, you will not be able to start the DLC from the main menu. The new Shadowland from Shadow of the Erdtree can only be entered via Miquella’s cocoon in the Mohgwyn Dynasty mausoleum. To do this, you first have to unlock the optional area and defeat the boss Mohg with all of his treacherous blood attacks. We’ll tell you how you can master the challenge before the release.

How to Get to Mohgwyn’s Palace?

Unlike Rome, not all roads lead to Elden Ring’s Mohgwyn Palace. For the DLC you have to make the journey there. Mohg and the mausoleum of the Mohgwyn dynasty are located there. The region can only be reached via two ways and only via teleportation. There is a shorter and a longer route to Miquella’s cocoon:

  • Short Path: Complete White-Faced Varré’s questline to receive a teleportation item.
  • Long Path: Fight your way to one of the end areas and use the teleporter on the sacred snowfield.

Which option you choose in the end also depends on the progress you have already made in the game. If you are already well advanced in the story and world, the route on the consecrated snowfield is recommended for your existing character. However, if you plan a new run, you will reach your goal faster using Varré’s quest series.

Elden Ring DLC
Elden Ring DLC

Unlock Elden Ring DLC ​​Area

The path to Mohgwyn Palace can be started right at the start of the game. Immediately at the first place of grace at the start of the game ( found on the map as “The First Step” after activation) you can speak to the white-faced Varré.

Start a conversation with him and exhaust all dialogue options. To unlock your next meeting, you must first complete the following activities in Elden Ring:

  • Activate the Place of Grace “In Front of the Gate” and meet your finger maiden Melina
  • Then travel to the Round Table Fortress
  • Defeat Godrick the Transplant in Stormshroud Castle
  • Return to the Round Table Hold and speak to Finger Reader Enia

Talk to the NPC again and he will then give you five copies of the item “Bloody Puss Finger” . Since patch 1.06 you now have two options for progressing in the quest.

  • Online: Use the item to enter the world of other Elden Ring players three times. You have to try to defeat the respective host, but even if you fail you will progress in the quest.
  • Offline: Travel to Stormblood Ruins in Altus Plateau. Summon the NPC Magnus there using the red seal and defeat him in battle.

Then return to Varré again and he will want to anoint you as a Knight of Mohg. Grant him his request by selecting the answer option “Anoint me.” Now there is only one last step left to complete. Varré asks for the blood of a maiden and in return hands over the cloth “ Favor of the Prince of Blood”.

At the location marked in red is the Church of Inhibition, which you can easily enter. However, you can only reach the Chapel of Expectation marked in blue via the four bell towers marked in light blue . There is a portal there that can only be activated with two “Magic Sword Keys” . In both places you will find a maiden lying on the ground. Approach them and confirm the option “Soak cloth with the blood of the maiden”.

Now bring the blood-soaked piece of cloth back to Varré and he will reward you with the item “Bloody Finger” . Then continue the conversation so that you come into possession of the “Medal of the Pureblood Knight” . With this item you finally have access to Mohgwyn Palace, where you can start the Elden Ring DLC. To teleport, the item simply needs to be activated in the inventory.

Traveling to the Elden Ring DLC

Although the quest route to Mohgwyn Palace seems significantly more complex than simply traveling via teleport, this alternative route can only be taken in one of the last areas of Elden Ring. So you have to invest significantly more work and time into this. In order to even come close to being able to travel, you need both halves and the location where the Haligbaum medallion is used. 

Left half: Located in Sol Castle on the Giants’ Mountaintop. Defeat Commander Niall there and receive the item as a reward.

Right half : For the second part of the medallion you have to travel to the village of the Albbinaurics. There is a large urn in this place, which you have to touch by rolling or hitting. The vessel then turns out to be the resident Albus, who gives you the item you are looking for.

Activation: With both halves in your inventory, go to Rold’s large elevator and stand on the platform of the elevator. Use the arrow keys to select the “Raise Secret Medallion” option . Cross the then passable secret path to the Haligbaum and you will reach the Consecrated Snowfield of Elden Ring.

The teleporter to Mohgwyn Palace is located on the western edge of the area. The easiest way to reach the Place of Grace “Inner Consecrated Snowfield” is to fast travel. After the teleportation, you wake up in the middle of a cave that takes you directly to the mausoleum of the Mohgwyn dynasty. Mohg, Prince of Blood, is waiting for you there.

Boss Fight for Elden Ring DLC

Preparing for the boss fight: For better cards against Mohg, you must first equip yourself with two essential items in Elden Ring.

  • Mohg’s Chain: With this item you can make the boss completely defenseless twice by binding him to the ground. The aid can be found in the “Underground Reserve of Shame” , which is located underground in Leyndell.
  • Purifying Crystal Tear: One of Mohg’s most dangerous attacks is the Blood Curse. This can be warded off with the item. At the second church in Marika you have to defeat Eleonara to get it.

Which weapon you use for combat is up to your preferences. Basically, almost every build can be used in the attack against the Bloodlord. As always in Elden Ring, it is more important to understand Mohg’s patterns and attacks. If you are ready for the last stumbling block before the DLC, go to the Mausoleum of the Mohgwyn Dynasty.

As with many other bosses in Elden Ring, you have to completely empty Mohg’s life bar twice. It applies to different things in two phases

Phase 1: The first half of the boss fight may already look familiar, as Mohg shares attack patterns with his twin brother Mohg. The use of Mohgs chain is the crucial difference here. While you tie the boss up with it, you have to inflict the greatest possible damage on him so that phase 1 comes to a quick end. Mohg will repeatedly give you three red blood rings during the fight. As soon as the second one circles around you, the best possible time for item activation has come.

Phase 2: While Mohg moves on to his second phase and grows wings, you now drink your bottle with the Purification Crystal Tear. This will significantly weaken his subsequent blood spell attacks. Since he now mainly deals area damage, it’s worth staying as close to him as possible. In Mohg’s immediate distance, you are protected from his dangerous blood flames.

If you win, nothing will stand in your way for the Elden Ring DLC. Activate the Place of Grace “Cocoon of the Heavenly” so that you only have to fast travel to the release. But be careful: you also have to defeat Radahn for the Elden Ring DLC.

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