The Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Nintendo Switch for 3, 4, 5 Year Old’s

Nintendo games are renowned for being family friendly and the Switch is, unsurprisingly, the ideal console for children. In addition to the publisher’s catalog, which is easy to access and diversified, other players in the industry also offer titles to introduce the youngest to the pleasures of gaming. Our selection includes best games that are suitable for gamer kids or family use. The best games for kids on Nintendo Switch are listed below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Many players experienced Animal Crossing: Children can explore an island at their own pace and form virtual friendships, without ever being rushed by the game mechanics. Their creativity is also put to work with many elements to customize, including their habitat.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

This special edition of Super Mario Bros. first appeared in Super Mario 3D World . The player directs Captain Toad, or Toadette, through levels in isometric view in search of power stars. Each level also contains super diamonds that can be discerned by correctly orienting the camera. But the characters cannot jump. It is therefore necessary to make use of the various mechanisms to achieve its ends. In addition, the Switch version includes a coop mode. A parent can thus support his child during his adventure.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power takes the form of an open world featuring the various heroines of the animated series. The activities are good-natured and the universe is faithfully adapted. In particular, players can take advantage of a fictitious social network where they can upload their photos. However, they must know how to read at least to understand the objectives and take advantage of the mechanics, in particular the skill tree.

Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Kirby and the Forgotten World

Kirby and the Forgotten World , the first adventure of the little pink ball in 3D, is an absolute triumph. Beyond its majestic level design , HAL Laboratory’s masterpiece shines with a perfectly balanced difficulty curve. The progression of the children, from the first plains to the advanced levels, can be seen throughout their journey. The village of the Waddle Dees, which serves as headquarters and which evolves over the backup, is reassuring for toddlers. Even the youngest can participate thanks to the “breeze” mode, the very soft difficulty, and the coop allowing to play with an adult.


Minecraft is not to put in the hands of toddlers. This sandbox requires a ” gaming ” baggage already filled enough to face its survival mode and its multiple crafting mechanics. But it develops the curiosity and creativity of children, since it is truly possible to create anything you want. It is also an experience that can be shared with the family, between several Switches of course, but also between multiple devices thanks to Minecraft Realms.

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Among Nintendo’s games, yet already very accessible, Yoshi’s Crafted World stands out for its softness. With an emphasis on exploration rather than platforming, players of all skill levels can participate. However, it has several levels of reading because, if it is easy to go through a stage, discovering all the secrets is slightly more difficult. It is however possible to play two in coop, as part of a parent / child duo for example. The aesthetic aspect is finally particularly attractive for the youngest, with its decorations designed in cardboard. They look like they come from a plastic arts workshop or a pop-up book.

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