What is League of Legends?

By playing a match, players earn both experience and points, with the help of which they can get various bonuses (heroes, costumes, rune pages, etc.) in the game. The player also has the option to buy them with the currency of the game (Riot Points), which is purchased with real money. The creator of the game is the company Riot Games. League of Legends, one of the most played MOBA games in the world. In this article we will talk about LoL RP.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends , abbreviated LoL is a free multiplayer 3D fantasy online game in which players choose one of the free or purchased by them with points that are earned after victory, characters and compete with each other. By playing a match, players earn both experience and points, which can be used to obtain various in-game bonuses. The player can also use in-game currency (Riot Points), which can be bought with real money, but can also be obtained through the bonuses. “League of Legends” is created and distributed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

In the game, the player assumes the role of an invisible “summoner” who controls the “hero” with unique abilities and duels against other players or against computer-controlled characters. Each player is weak at the start of the battle, increasing their strength by collecting items and experience during the game. The goal is usually to destroy the Nexus.

League of Legends was released by Riot Games in 2009. LoL, which traces its roots to Warcraft 3’s DotA map, has become very popular over the years and has managed to reach a large audience. LoL, the most famous representative of the MOBA genre, has become an icon of popular culture and today is an entire corpus with its series, comics, music and side games.

What is League of Legends?

What is League of Legends (LoL) RP?

League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game. Like many free-to-play games, League of Legends also has in-game currencies. One of them is RP. RPs, which stand for Riot Points, are very important to LoL. Using RP, you can unlock the best LoL characters, buy skins for your champions and customize them. To play with different champions you need to buy RP. If you want to see your champions in Summoner’s Rift with different skins, you need to purchase the corresponding skins for RP.

Costumes purchased with RP are available in-game for cosmetic purposes only. Any skin you buy with LoL RPs does not give your character any extra power. All these elements are for visual purposes only.

How to Get League of Legends (LoL) RP?

If you are wondering how to get LoL RP, don’t worry. You have several options for purchasing LoL RP. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind from these options will be to buy RP from the in-game store. If you have a credit card, you can easily purchase LoL RP.

League of Legends players without a credit card can browse e-pin sites and e-commerce sites. Especially some sites that sell e-pins offer a wide variety of payment methods for players without a credit card.

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