How does Steam Deck OLED work? | Steam Deck OLED Review

After the huge success of the basic Steam Deck model, Valve decided to follow suit and prepare a new model of its handheld. The OLED version not only received a new, much better display, but the manufacturer used this opportunity to introduce several additional modifications that significantly improve the quality of the device. Check out what this might be about.

What is Steam Deck OLED?

Steam Deck OLED can be described as a portable console, but this would not be a very precise description. In this case, we are not dealing with closed-structure equipment, such as Nintendo Switch or the older 3DS or PlayStation Vita. Valve’s device is a more mobile computer in the form of a handheld, which is based on its own software and the Linux operating system. Thanks to the open environment, users are able to install various launchers available on PC, thus launching titles designed for computers. By default, the device starts with a dedicated Steam overlay, which makes it easier to download and install titles available on this platform. Each title is verified by Valve, which includes: translates into adjustment of control. However, if a given game has not gone through this process, there is nothing stopping you from easily uploading keyboards prepared by the community.

What has changed in Steam Deck OLED compared to the previous version?

The new Steam Deck model is distinguished primarily by its innovative OLED screen, which offers a number of improvements. The display supports HDR technology, displays an image at a resolution of 1280 × 800 and has a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which translates into a better gaming experience. Graphics parameters are based on the AMD chip in the 6 nm process, but retain the quad-core Zen 2 processor (2.4-3.5 GHz) and GPU with eight computing units in the RDNA 2 architecture.
In terms of wireless communication, Steam Deck OLED offers tri-band Wi-Fi 6E, which improves connection quality, ping stability and speeds up game downloads. Significant improvements also include Bluetooth 5.3, a more responsive touchscreen, improved vibration, better speakers with louder bass, and optimized cooling to eliminate the heating issue that was seen in the previous LCD edition.

How does Steam Deck OLED work?

Where to get Games on Steam Deck OLED?

Steam Deck OLED allows you to run all productions available on PCs, and also supports launchers. However, to install the programs on the device, it is necessary to perform specific actions. It is worth adding that the possibilities of Steam Deck OLED do not end with running games from a PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can enjoy productions via streaming using Xbox Game Cloud technology. It is necessary to have a fast and stable Internet connection. In this way, Valve equipment becomes a comprehensive tool for all game lovers.

How do Games work on Steam Deck OLED?

When choosing Steam Deck, you must take into account that it is a small, portable device that will never offer you the same performance as gaming computers. Valve’s device perfectly copes with independent titles and productions offering stylized graphics, such as Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. However, there is nothing stopping you from running AAA games on this device – of course, by reducing the graphics settings first.

Can Steam Deck OLED be Connected to a TV?

Yes, it is possible to connect your Valve device to a TV or computer monitor. However, to do this, it is necessary to purchase a dedicated docking station. Regardless of whose equipment you buy, it is important that it includes an HDMI port on the housing and a USB-C cable for connecting the handheld. What’s more, when you connect the Steam Deck OLED to an external display, you can pair a controller with it to play on your TV just like on a stationary console. There is also nothing stopping you from connecting a keyboard and mouse, thus turning the device into a PC.

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