The Best Horror Games on PC | Top Scary Games to Play on PC 

Games can provide many emotions, from excitement, through frustration, to fear. It is virtual horrors that make our hair stand on end and our saliva dry up in our throats. If you are not afraid of scary stories about alien creatures from outer space, murderous zombies or psychopaths, be sure to check out our list of the best horror games on PC.

Horror Games on PC that Every Horror Fan should Play

Resident Evil

Although Capcom used to specialize primarily in creating games for consoles, it has also been supporting computers for many years. The best proof of this is the regular release of subsequent installments of the Resident Evil series on PC. In this case, however, we are not dealing with a completely new title, but a full-fledged remake of the cult fourth installment, which in 2005 revolutionized this series and the survival horror genre in general. The new version debuted in 2023 and was not a rude cash grab. The producer not only prepared a new, much better visual setting, but also developed all the cutscenes from scratch and expanded the locations with new places and rooms. Thanks to this, Resident Evil 4 has become an even more spectacular game, spectacular and at the same time keeping users in constant suspense.

Dead Space Remake

Another remake on this list that made a very good horror game on PC even better. Studio Motive adopted a similar tactic as Capcom when working on Resident Evil 4. The developers retained the most important elements of the original, modifying them in such a way as to extract the greatest possible potential from them. This resulted in even more detailed graphics, more intricate corridors on the USG Ishimura mining ship, and extensive gameplay. Fights with terrifying necromorphs are now even more difficult, and the excellent sound and better light and shadow work make every contact with these creatures give you goosebumps.

The Best Horror Games on PC

Alan Wake 2

If you are looking for an original horror game on PC or consoles, play the second installment of Alan Wake as soon as possible. The previous part was interesting and perfectly combined the atmosphere of the “Twin Peaks” series and Stephen King’s books, but there was definitely too much fighting with opponents. Remedy Entertainment studio drew conclusions and in the sequel focused on a more dense atmosphere, while limiting access to ammunition. This makes each confrontation with opponents a very intense experience, during which we have to decide whether we should run away or face the threat. At the same time, Alan Wake 2 is a very psychedelic title that plays with form in an incredibly creative way, mixing a video game with well-directed live action recordings.

The Callisto Protocol

After leaving the Visceral Games studio, the creator of the Dead Space series founded his own company, Striking Distance Studios, and together with his new team, he decided to recreate his old work. The Callisto Protocol is not as good as Glen Schofield’s previous work, but it is still an engaging science fiction horror film. In the game, we play the role of a man named Jason Lee, who was imprisoned in the Black Iron prison on a moon of Jupiter. The facility was taken over by mysterious forces and people turned into murderous mutants. The Callisto Protocol offers a bit of action, a bit of stealth, a large dose of fear and downright photorealistic graphics with well-made character models. For this element alone, it is worth checking out the work of Striking Distance Studios.

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a small indie game that, in terms of quality, is in no way inferior to high-budget productions. In the work by Tarsier studio, we play the role of a girl named Six who found herself in a mysterious complex called The Maw. The player’s task is to escape from a dangerous place, which unfortunately is not as easy as it may seem. The complex is inhabited by disgusting and dangerous creatures who do everything to stop the girl from being released.

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