How to Beat Robots in Helldivers 2?

In the co-op hit Helldivers 2 you play against either the disgusting bugs or the armored robots. Here in the guide we take care of the running fortresses, the robots. You can find out here how you can transform mission areas on Steam and PS5 into confusing junkyards.

Helldivers 2 Robot Tip 1 – Weapon Loadout

Which weapons are strong? The basic requirement when fighting the robots is the weapon property “armor penetration”. Your primary weapon should have at least medium armor penetration. You can check the properties of a weapon in the armory. Select a weapon and check the properties on the right.
If you are a good shooter and hit the head weak point (lights up red), you can also use the SMG-37 together with the “Ballistic Shield Backpack” tactical equipment. One of your squad should also try being a sniper.

Helldivers 2 Robot Tip 2 – Tactical Equipment

Which tactical equipment is strong? When it comes to tactical equipment, you rely on thick calibers such as the 500kg bomb. But tactical equipment such as the eagle smoke barrage and the shield generator backpack are also very helpful. Leave the normal mortar gun at home, it will only result in unnecessary team kills.
If you play as a team, talk to each other. Not everyone has to take the smoke with them if they ever want to escape. The 500kg bomb is powerful, but the cooldown is high and the uses are limited. You can all pack the shield backpack. This part has it all.

Helldivers 2 Robot Tip 3 – Grenades

Which grenades are strong? Grab the Impact Grenade from the Standard War Bonds or the Stun Grenade from the Razor’s Edge War Bonds. Aim under the enemies with the impact grenades and use the stun grenade to pin down an entire squad of enemies standing together. The robots stay stationary for a long time and you have enough time to cut a few new holes in the robots with the anti-matter rifle. You can achieve a similar effect with the EMS mortar gun.

Helldivers 2 Robot Tip 4 – Cover and Fire Patterns

How can you behave in combat? Use cover a lot when moving around the battlefield. If you are not in immediate danger and are only fighting a few large enemies, find good cover and observe the firing patterns. The robots do not shoot continuously, but have firing patterns depending on the enemy type. Wait for the short pauses between volleys, look out of cover and fire a few bullets into the weak spot on their head.

Helldivers 2 Robot Tips

Helldivers 2 Robot Tip 5 – Gun Ships

How do you deal with gun ships? Just don’t ignore the flying enemies. Kill the gun ships as quickly as possible. As a team, focus on the flying missile stations or they will tear you apart. No cover will help you if your opponents can attack you from above.

Helldivers 2 Robot Tip 6 – Attack positions

What do you have to consider when taking positions? If you attack a robot base, look at the position from a long distance. There are often robot mortar guns there, which can have a devastating impact on your attack. If you discover the mortars early, you can take them out of the game from a long distance. A little tip for the factories: If the factory gates are open, you can throw the grenade through the door instead of through the openings at the top.

Helldivers 2 Robot Tip 7 – Place samples

How can you secure the samples? Now a general tip that is often forgotten. You can take your tests without getting killed. If you have the extraction point nearby or want to attack a heavily guarded position, place the samples beforehand and collect them again later.

Helldivers 2 creates a lot of enthusiasm among its players and does a lot of things right. Even broken servers at the time of release and tons of bugs in the game couldn’t stop the co-op shooter from being successful: Helldivers 2 is addictive in the right way: This is how the service game works.

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