Stardew Valley Best Mods and How to Install?

The farming sim Stardew Valley is a phenomenon. The indie hit has sold over million copies across almost all gaming platforms. Players on PC, Mac and Linux can take full advantage and install mods. We’ll show you how this works here. You can also find the best mods to get you started here. Always pay attention to where you download your files. If possible, always only use well-known mod sites.

Stardew Valley Best Mods – Stardew Valley Expanded

What does the mod do? Essentially, this is a fan-made expansion of Stardew Valley. You get a little more of everything. There are around 27 new NPCs, 50 locations, 27 fish and an expanded story about the JoJo market. The perfect introduction to the world of mods to find out what’s possible.

Stardew Valley Best Mods – NPC Map Locations

What does the mod do? You’ll never have to walk long distances through the city again to find an NPC you’re looking for. Open the map and you can see at a glance where the NPC is currently located.

Stardew Valley Best Mods – Tractor Mod

What does the mod do? You get a tractor on the farm, which saves you a lot of time. As soon as you have bought the garage and the tractor, the vehicle will take on the work of several tools and ensure order on your farm. The tractor can plant seeds, remove bushes, replace the hoe, water plants and more.

Stardew Valley Best Mods – Better Crafting

What does the mod do? This little helper ensures that you no longer have any stress when crafting. The crafting and cooking interfaces have been overhauled and all crates on the farm are connected to the workbenches. No more pointless running because you stuffed the potatoes in the wrong box again.

Stardew Valley Best Mods – Lookup Anything

What does the mod do? Information about every character, every item, every monster in the game. If you press “F1”, you will receive information about what can currently be found under your mouse cousor. This also often works with other mods. So if you play “Stardew Valley Expanded”, you will still find a lot of information about the additional content and you will always know which gemstone is best to give away to your neighbors.

Stardew Valley Best Mods

Stardew Valley Install Mods (Steam, Mac, Linux) – Complete Guide

How to install mods for Stardew Valley? The indie hit actively supports mods, but does not offer a “workshop” on Steam like other games for conveniently installing mods. You need a special program called “SMAPI”. The program runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Here you will find step-by-step instructions.

Start Stardew Valley at least once before installing SMAPI
Check whether you have the latest version of Stardew Valley installed
Download SMAPI: via – you need to create an account
Unpacked SMAPI – but not in the Stardew Valley folder!
Find the Stardew Valley games folder
Steam-Standard: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley
Start the installation program for your operating system in the SMAPI folder
A black Windows console opens
If a file path is already stored at point [1], press “1” and then “Enter”.
If your Stardew folder is somewhere else, press “2” and “Enter”, copy the file path, paste it into the console and press “Enter”.
By installing you have modded Stardew Valley and created a mod folder
To start the modded version of Stardew Valley, you need to use the “StardewModdingAPI” file to start the game – You can now find the file in the Stardew Valley folder.

To install mods, find a mod online and unzip the mod folder into the new Stardew Valley mod folder. If you have a little more experience, try Mod Manager too. If you just want to try out a few mods to get started, we recommend installing them without a manager. But you definitely need SMAPI.


Before you download a mod, check at whether the mod is compatible with the current game and SMAPI version. If you type the name of the mod into the search bar at the top and the line is green, the mod will not cause any problems with the current versions. If there are problems, you can scroll through the SMAPI console and see which mod is causing the trouble. If a mod is no longer compatible, SMAPI will deactivate this mod so that there are no problems with Stardew Valley.


Read the descriptions of the mods carefully before using them, otherwise unpleasant surprises will quickly arise. Sometimes you have to take additional steps to install or need additional mods to make everything work. Also, always pay attention to where you download your files. If possible, always only use well-known sites such as Nexus Mods or ModDrop. Scams lurk around every corner on the internet.

This is how you carry out mod updates and uninstall mods: As soon as you start the game via SMAPI, you will receive information about which mods are already available in a more recent version. If you don’t have a manager, you should download the files manually and drag them into the mod folder as usual. Overwrite or delete the old files of these mods, you don’t need to uninstall them. If you want to uninstall a mod, you just need to delete the folder. But remember that saves with the corresponding mods will no longer work correctly.

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