Tips for a Fruitful Start in Manor Lords

Manor Lords has had a fantastic start on the Steam gaming platform. So that you can start the game at least as well, here you will find valuable pieces of information that will make it easier for you to get started in the building game.

Manor Lords Tips and Tricks

Pay Attention to Your Region’s Resources

Why are resources so important? Even if this hasn’t worked quite optimally in Early Access so far: Manor Lords relies on the specialization of regions. One region for farming, one for trading, one for war, and so on. Accordingly, not all regions offer optimal conditions for all orientations. Before you build anything: Check the fertility and resources of your region and take advantage of the advantages.

Get New Oxen Quickly

Why do I need new oxen straight away? The helpful farm animals directly improve your logistics. Watch your first ox for a while and you’ll notice how popular the cattle are. You can order a new ox from your tie bar for regional assets. Build a second tie beam beforehand or assign an ox to your woodcutter. If you put a family in the tethering beam, your logistics will be further improved because this family will then take on the requested transport with the ox.

Build Farms Proactively for Production

Why should I pay attention to the area of ​​my farm? Houses for families are not just dwellings. You can expand your farms into a backyard in exchange for regional assets. At the first farm level you get carrots, chickens (eggs) and goats (skins). You have to spend one settlement point for apples. Since you can only collect 5 points in Early Access, it’s better to save the point. You can also expand the living space of a farm if you have set the area correctly. Second level farms can then produce new goods in their backyard.

Manor Lords Tips and Tricks

Family Micromanagement

What should I consider when managing my family? For a functioning economy, it is essential that you organize your families manually when you start Manor Lords. You need a farmhouse to cultivate your field. However, once the field has been plowed and the seeds have been sown, your farmers have nothing to do. If you don’t have any grain that needs to be milled, send the farmers to other farms. This applies to many production buildings: only produce as much as you currently need and then move the families again. The more families you have, the less you have to micromanage later. However, this is very important in the beginning.

Move Hunting Grounds in Your Region

How can I move hunting grounds? Sometimes the hunting grounds in your region are too far away from your city center. But with a little trick you can get the animals closer. Build a small, cheap building in the hunting ground. This causes the game to flee to another location in your region. With a bit of luck, the animals will come closer to your village. If not, try again with a small house in the hunting area.

Settlement Points: Little Freedom in Early Access

How should I distribute the settlement points? If you click on the name of your region above, you will find the tech tree that only applies to this region. The higher your settlement level, the more points you get. You can currently only unlock 5 points in Early Access – choose wisely. Strong ones include:

Sheep farming – your sheep multiply.
Heavy Plow – Oxen help plow and harvest the fields.
Trade Logistics – Setting up trade routes now only costs 25 region assets.
Better Business – Lower costs when importing goods.

However, pay attention to world market prices when trading. They change very quickly and suddenly the goods you want are significantly more expensive than when you first bought them. The developer of Manor Lords has already confirmed that there will be changes to the trading system.

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