How to Send Automatically Disappearing Message on WhatsApp?

Disappearing Message on WhatsApp: We all use WhatsApp daily, but many times it happens that you send a message or photo, video to a person, but you want that as soon as that person sees that photo or video, will be automatically deleted from or that person can see that message sent by you only once.

Through this article we will tell you how can you send disappearing messages on WhatsApp to another person and if you want to stop it, how can you do it?

What Does Mean Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp?

It means that “if you send any messages to another person, and you want that after the time the message sent by you to be deleted, then those messages will automatically be deleted from that person’s WhatsApp”. So now we hope you have understood what the disappearing messages in WhatsApp.

Now somewhere you must be thinking that if you turn on the disappearing message feature of WhatsApp, then after how long will the message sent by you be deleted. It depends on you, you get to see 3 options in WhatsApp disappearing message, you can choose the duration of 24 Hours, 7 days or 90 days. The message you sent will automatically delete or disappear from that person’s WhatsApp after a period of time that you choose.

Disappearing Message on WhatsApp

How to Send WhatsApp Disappearing Message?

Follow these steps given below to send disappearing messages or automatically disappearing messages to any other person on WhatsApp:-

Step 1: To send automatically disappearing messages on WhatsApp to any person, first open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

Step 2: After opening the WhatsApp app, click on the profile of the person to whom you want to send disappearing messages automatically.

Step 3: On clicking on the profile, all the messages that you have sent to that person will open in front of you or your and that person’s chats will open.

Step 4: After this, click on the name of that person at the top, keep in mind that you do not click on his profile photo, only click on his name.

Step 5: As soon as you click on the name of that person, a window will open on your smartphone, in which you will see many options. Now you have to scroll down to the bottom.

Step 6: After going down, now you will see an option named Disappearing messages.

Step 7: Now you have to click on that option, as soon as you click on that option, now the time period has come in front of you that after how long you want the message sent by you to be deleted.

Step 8: After this, choose the time period according to you, if you want that the message sent by you will be deleted after 24 hours, then click on this option or click on the other option, after which time you want to delete it.

In this way, now the feature of disappearing messages will be turned on in your phone, now you can automatically send disappearing messages to the person whom you have selected.

How to Stop Disappearing Message on WhatsApp?

If you want to stop the disappearing messages in your smartphone, then for this you have to follow all the steps given above.

And when you click on the option named Disappearing Messages, there you will see an option named Never which means that you want to turn off the feature of disappearing messages. As soon as you click on the option of ‘Never’ , now any message sent by you will not be automatically deleted.

Today, through this article, we told you what is the meaning of automatically disappearing messages on WhatsApp and how you can turn on or off the feature of automatically disappearing messages in your WhatsApp. Please Like Share and do comment, if you have any suggestion or query.

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