What is Social Bookmarking? How to do Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is a part of SEO. Social Bookmarking is a process that every blogger uses to bring more and more views to his/her website, with the help of this you can add the link of your site to different website so that everyone clicks on it, can access the site. Due to which backlinks will be created on your site and your website will start coming to the top website on Google SERP.  

Through social bookmarking, you can create very good backlinks for your website. Social Bookmarking is a great way to store, organize, search and manage your bookmarks. You can bookmark the links of your post on any social bookmarking website, for this you will get backlinks.

Social bookmarking gives you the following advantages . As if –

  • It improves the SERPs of your website .
  • When you bookmark your web page on a popular social bookmarking site. If users like your post. So they share it so that your post can also go viral.
  • This gives quality backlinks for your webpage .
  • From major social bookmarking sites. Your posts get a lot of traffic . More people visit your website.
  • Even you can increase your domain authority by social bookmarking
  • With social bookmarking, you can use relevant keywords on your website . And you can also interact with other people in your community. Social bookmarking helps in your brand awareness.
benefits of Social Bookmarking

There are many such social bookmarking websites available in today’s time. You can see some of them below –

  • Digg – This is a popular bookmarking website that lets you organize, store and share your web links. 
  • Diigo – It is a Social Annotations, Highlighting and Social Bookmarking website that allows registered users to bookmark webpages and highlight any part of it and attach Sticky Notes.
  • Delicious – This is a social bookmarking website that allows its registered users to share bookmarks, store and search
  • Stumble Upon – This is a popular website that lets you easily search for Picture, Video, Webpage etc.
  • Reddit − It allows registered members to submit content. In this, users can vote ‘up’ and ‘down’ any content. If many people like your post then it becomes a hit.
  • Pinterest − It allows you to share and search images and videos online. You can get a quick link by bookmarking.

Social bookmarking for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done to increase our website ranking and organic traffic in search engines. But we also have to improve SEO in every possible way. Only then it proves to be effective. And we use this social bookmarking technique  to boost this off-page seo in a way.

What are the things to keep in mind while doing social bookmarking?

Whenever you do social bookmarking, keep in mind only one thing that the website with the help of which you are going to do bookmarking should be a popular website and its domain authority should be higher than the domain authority of your website. You do not have to do bookmarking on any such website, whose domain authority is less than the authority of your website, otherwise your website may have to suffer loss of profit.

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