How to Upload Photo on Google | Add Image to Google Search

How to Upload Photo on Google?

There is no way to directly upload your photo to google. Instead, you upload them to some of the places that Google shows. Google Images is a search service under Google. It allows people to enter keywords that are based on the filename of the image.

Some people think uploading photos on the Internet is good. Some others believe it would be convenient to access their photos on Google. However currently, it is not possible for us to upload photos directly to Google. If you want to save Google photo, then follow the method mentioned here.

If your photo is listed by Google, you can search it on Google Images with your name or keyword associated with it. So let us now tell you what methods you can use to show your photo on Google.

How to Upload Your Photo on Google?

1 . Publish articles on blogs and sites

If you are a writer then this is a very good thing for you, because if you know how to write articles, then you can easily get your photo on google. You just have to find some websites that accept Guest Post. Because websites that accept guest posts can provide their authors with a profile page with space for a profile picture. Use this space wisely and include your keywords in bio, ALT text and captions.

  1. Use Social Media to Upload Photos to Google

Add your profile photo to your social media account to have your photo appear in Google’s search results. Google’s own websites, such as YouTube, Blogger, and Google Sites are good places to add your profile picture. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn also rank well in Google’s search results.

When creating your profile and adding your profile picture to social media websites, use the same name on all social media. For example, if you go by a few names, choose a name and always use that name, which makes it easier for Google to associate you with your different accounts.

  1. Upload Photo Via Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and also the largest image sharing site uploading over 2.5 billion photos per month. On Facebook, you can click the photo option to create an album and start uploading photos.

You will have the chance to set privacy to the album and add tags and captions for the image. You should keep uploading your photos on Facebook, this will start showing your photos on Google.

  1. Use Free Image Uploader Websites

If you want to upload and share your photos in a jiffy, then Free Image Uploader is considered one of the best option. These websites allow you to store images in the cloud.

After snapping a photo for uploading, it will provide you with direct links, HTML links and links to post photos in blogs and forums. You can also share the photo directly to your social networking sites by clicking on their icon below the link

It takes time for your photo to appear in Google’s search results. Don’t sit back and relax while you wait for your photos to appear. Keep posting new photos, share them through your social media accounts, create new blog posts for your website and put your name on the web.

Final Words:

Here is the detailed information about how to upload your photo on Google . We hope that you liked today’s article. If you want, you can also share this article on social media sites. Thank You!

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