What is Google Web Stories? Enable Web Stories on Google

What is Google Web Stories?

This is a story made by combining Image, Text, Video etc. It is mainly made keeping in mind the bloggers, through which it will help to bring traffic to the creators. At present, Google is bringing new updates, there are some updates that are beneficial for bloggers, video creators, one of them is Google Web Stories.

What are the advantages of Google Web Stories?

Traffic – You can use this to bring traffic to your website, for this you can bring traffic to your website by adding a link to a button or text in your stories.

Platforms – These stories will be shown in Google Discover, Google Apps, Search Result, Google News etc. Through this you can bring traffic from Google.

Affiliate Marketing – You can show links of Affiliate Products in Stories, when users click on your given link, they will be redirected to your affiliate links.

How to Create Google Web Stories

How to create Google Web Stories?

You have to go to the WordPress Dashboard of your website, after that you will get the option of Plugins, in this you have to click on Add Plugin, here you have to search Google Web Stories Plugin and install it, after that activate it.

You have to go to the panel of this plugin, here you have to click on create story, after that options will come in front of you to design web stories, here you can add video or image, after preparing it, you have to give your title. and publish it

Here’s an overview of how to turn on Web Stories on Google:

A web story is a web-based version of the popular “story”. They use video, audio, images, animations, and text to provide different experiences to users. 

Web stories can be shown on Google Discover on Android and iOS.  Web stories can also appear as a single card that is part of a feed in Discover. 

After creating a story, make sure that the web story is a valid AMP. By doing this, the story can be served through the AMP cache.

Provide the necessary metadata to make your web story appear at the top of Google Search or Google Discover experiences and story previews.

Check if Google Search has indexed your web story.

Add the web story to your site or add its URL to the sitemap so that Google can easily find it.

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